Narrative Therapy Israel serves families, couples and individuals interested in quality counseling that respects their values, meaningful relationships and preferred ways of living. Located in Tel Aviv, the Center also offers practitioners at various levels of their development training and supervision in family and couples therapy, with emphasis on narrative ideas and practices.

Narrative therapy, developed by Michael White (Australia) and David Epston (New Zeeland), was adopted by many therapists and scholars worldwide. The narrative perspective sees problems and predicaments as taking people away from their preferred ways of living. Narrative conversations create opportunities for people to reclaim their lives and relationships. They provide a reflective space that opens up opportunities for people to acknowledge the different stories of their lives and make choices that are congruent with their hopes, dreams and commitments. 

The Center for Narrative Therapy Israel practices and teaches therapeutic ideas and skills that fit the particularities of Israeli society. It takes into account the kaleidoscope of cultures, beliefs, traditions and original creations that make up the Israeli experience. It responds to the fact that our everyday lives are widely influenced by the respective histories of the different segments forming Israeli society, the complex relationships between them and the relationship between Israel and its neighbors. It respects the centrality of the family and embraces both traditional and new forms of family, as well as the difficulties that this discourse sometimes creates.

Andrea Lazar and Tali Gogol Ostrowsky are both certified family therapists and supervisors, who train practitioners in family and narrative therapy trough courses, workshops and supervision. These trainings invite therapists to understand ideas and practices while devel0ping their particular ways of working. Fascinated by the richness of people’s skills to deal effectively and creatively with life’s difficulties they enjoy training practitioners who are interested in developing ways of working that honor the particular skills and knowledges that people bring with them, knowledges that are created in relationships with people, in culture and history.


Both Andrea and Tali were fortunate to train extensively with Michael White and others, and are proud to continue the traditions of teaching and creating narrative ways of working and to be part of an international community that shares the values of hope, social justice and human rights.



Andrea Lazar: 054-6222506

Tali Gogol-Ostrowsky: 054-4504266







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